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Treat Your Herniated Disc at Bracken Family Chiropractic

Chiropractors are commonly known for treating back pain, but many people do not realize that an imbalanced spine can cause other body pain. An imbalance in the spinal column can affect nerves that travel through the entire body, creating pain in areas other than just the back. A common culprit of this pain is from a herniated disc. Herniated discs are incredibly painful and if left untreated can cause serious negative effects on daily life. That is why our team at Bracken Family Chiropractic & Massage is here to provide the care you need for your bulging or herniated disc. We will address the issue in ways other medical professionals are unable to do.


Herniated or Bulging Disc

In order to understand what a bulging disc is, one must know something about the structure of the back. The upper back, known as the cervical spine, contains seven bones. The middle region, known as the thoracic spine, contains twelve bones. The lower back, known as the lumbar spine, has five bones. These bones are called vertebrae. As the human body moves, twists, and extends through daily or strenuous activities, it undergoes strain. The strain and impact of the bones is absorbed in tissue between each of the vertebral bones, called discs. The discs are made up of two layers. There is a soft inner cushion protected by a harder outer lining. When the inner layer slips or seeps through the outer layer, that is a herniated disc. Herniated discs are most commonly experienced in the lumbar region of the back but can also happen around the neck.

Causes of herniated or bulging discs are:

  • Poor posture
  • Weak ergonomics
  • Sudden impact injuries
  • Heavy lifting
  • Spinal degeneration

Treatment of Herniated or Bulging Discs

Our team can treat bulging disc pain using spinal manipulation and low force techniques. Chiropractic massage therapy can provide relief from pain. Icing the area can minimize inflammation, adding to a reduction in pain. Therapy may also include pelvic traction, gentle massage, ice and heat therapy, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation and stretching exercises. Rest is critical in order to avoid reinjury. We will work with you to find exercises and activities that help you to reduce pain and possible reinjury.

Come Find Wellness at Our Office

Schedule an appointment with our team at Bracken Family Chiropractic & Massage to find relief from your back pain. The herniated disc cannot be fixed in one session. Our team will work with you every step of the way until the pain is fully relieved. Contact us today to see how we can get you on your way to living pain-free.

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