Headache & Migraine Relief

Many people experience headache or migraine pain at least once in their lifetime. Headache pain ranges from a mild, dull ache to extreme pain. Migraine pain can be accompanied by nausea, vision changes, and other alarming symptoms. Both can disrupt a person’s life, causing sensitivity to light, a lack of concentration, poor work perfromance, and more. Do not let these conditions control your life. Visit us at Bracken Family Chiropractic & Massage serving Orange Park, FL, for relief. 


Common Causes of Headache Pain

Everyone experiences varying headache pain symptoms primarily based on the root cause. Common causes include stress, prolonged computer or phone time, certain foods, the environment, and insomnia. Tension headaches occur when a person sits in the same position for an extended period or is suffering from stress in their life. Making overall lifestyle tweaks and seeing a chiropractor can drastically lessen or eliminate the pain and the amount of these painful conditions. 

How Does Chiropractic Care Provide Relief?

Seeing a chiropractor can help relieve headache symptoms and help patients live healthier lives. Spinal manipulation helps ease the stress associated with pressure on the spine and neck muscles, which can significantly reduce symptoms. In addition, with a properly aligned spine, the body can function better which can reduce the risk of tension which could contribute to the pain. 

Additionally, seeing a chiropractic professional helps counteract stress associated with daily life, which can lead to pain in many ways. When the body functions correctly, there is less stress, tension, and pressure on the muscles, joints, and nerves, reducing headache symptoms. 

Our chiropractic doctor can help diagnose the root cause of the headaches and develop a pain management plan to target the cause and not mask symptoms with addictive medications. 

What Are Some Lifestyle Changes That Help Ease the Pain?

Simple lifestyle modifications can help reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches. To help determine the best lifestyle changes, we will determine what triggers them and provide guidance and advice on the recommended changes. Common lifestyle changes include sleeping habits, diet, weight loss, and other activities to help reduce stress and anxiety. Exercising regularly may also help reduce the frequency of the headaches. 

See a Chiropractor on Our Team

If you suffer from chronic headache pain and are noticing they are becoming more frequent, speak with our chiropractic expert at Bracken Family Chiropractic & Massage in Orange Park, FL, to learn more about how chiropractic care can help treat the symptoms. Call our office at (904) 213-9805 to schedule an appointment with a chiropractic expert and receive the treament you need. 

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