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Cindy C.

"I really enjoy the service and atmosphere at Bracken Family Chiropractic. I have had nasal/sinus problems since I was young, seasons didn't matter, it was all year long. Now I feel I can make it through the seasons with my problems solved for good"

Annette M.

Dear Dr. Bracken,

As you know, Mary has not been to your practice since May. When the latest set of x-rays showed that the curvature in Mary's spine was not moving as you had hoped, my husband and I decided to take Mary to the surgical consult at Nemours Children's Clinic as was suggested by her primary care physician.

When Mary was diagnosed with severe scoliosis last October, it was hard for us to accept. We knew the kind of life she would have without surgery...and yet thought we knew what the surgery would be for her. My sister had visited your office and suggested that we try chiropractic means before anything surgical. I prayed about it and felt we were being led to you and that you would help Mary. And for 7 months we sought your care 2-3 times a week.

When you told us that for whatever reason the chiropractic treatment you were giving Mary was not working, I again agonized over what to do to help my daughter. This time I felt we were being led towards surgical measures. Mary saw Dr. Eric Loveless in late May. He stated that Mary's 80 degree curve was severe enough that while he could correct her, he would not be able to do so entirely without risk of neurological damage. We were also told Mary's surgery could not take place until September--spinal fusion is a 6 hour surgery and Dr.Loveless only performs 1-2 per week. Mary was put on a waiting list. I prayed and prayed for Mary.

Then....suddenly Nemours called June 29. the child scheduled for July 6 surgery became ill and they could perform surgery on Mary earlier than expected. We again met with the surgeon who told us that due to Mary's severe curve, he would not be able to correct her as much as he would like.

Mary went in to the operating room at 8 a.m. July 6. I sat there waiting for her, wondering why things had taken place as they did....why did I feel chiropractic treatment was the way to go when you were not able to correct her....did I do the wrong thing for her by not having the surgery earlier...will she be okay..were we really doing the right thing with surgery?

At 1:30, Dr.Loveless returned from the operating room and all of my questions were answered. The surgeon was very, very pleased with the results of Mary's spinal fusion. He was able to get an excellent correction for her--better than he had expected. He didn't know it until he cut Mary open, but Mary's spine was extremely flexible and he was able to bend it more easily than he had anticipated. The flexible spine, he said, was due to her 7 months of chiropractic treatment with you. While your treatment did not correct Mary's spine as you had hoped, it was you and the care you provided that allowed the surgeron to get a better correction for Mary.

Now I had the answers I was so deperately looking for; we were led to you by God so you could make Mary more receptive to the surgery. We were led to the surgeon so he could complete the work that you started. Mary had surgery two weeks ago today. She gained 4 inches of height and she is doing well, off her pain meds and has her smile back once again.

I just want to say thank you for all you did for Mary. Without you and the care you provided, Mary's outcome could have been much different.

"Dr B was EXCELLENT!!! Her talk was literally life changing for my family and I!"


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